hi there! i'm michelle, southern california based photographer and curator of the coco gallery.

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

mila | never ending stories

the gift that keeps on giving.  education.  i'm on a permanent quest for self-improvement.  the latest theme has been the hunt for light.  i've been made extremely aware by scott robert.  if you can't find it then make it.  what a gem of information.  can't wait for this month's workshop!  here's the images from last month.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

mila | a new year

i ended the year somewhat burnt out.  fighting for time for me amidst my commitments and responsibilities, fighting for jobs in a down turned market, fighting to stand out in a sea full of color and to stand up to all that was weighing me down.  i begin the year with motivation and a new commitment to stay true to myself.  i don't have to compromise my art so i won't, i can opt for a simpler life so i will. i elect to take the time to find myself and renew my passions.  i already feel stronger for having said that.

location scouting is a must on my list and i must do it more often.   i have an instant model in kaya and we've got adventures out there just waiting for us.  is there any better way for us to spend quality time together while she lets me??  here's our first attempt.