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Monday, August 11, 2008

summer fun

wow! what an awesome day this was.

we started out the day at doheny beach with curtis' brothers bobby and steven. yes that's right... the two guys in the picture with curtis are his brothers. really...

and we ended the day with an awesome dinner at the rue's. i was speechless at how beautiful that dinner was. i haven't had a sit down dinner like that in ages! it made me feel so grown up... hee hee.

thanks everyone for making that day a memorable one.


curtis and i surrounded by our K-REW (korean krew) we painted the streets of LA with tamer shades of 2005. back then we used to hit the clubs till 2am and trekk off to karaoke till the sun came up. a few bottles of crown, hite and a case of cigarettes later someone would have to carry scott home. this time we gathered around for korean bbq at 7 and ran off to rosen to sing our hearts out till the clocks of the old fogies we were chimed midnight. was it only 3 years ago that we had more energy than this? thankfully some things never change ... we still had to carry scott home.