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Sunday, February 22, 2009

mila | adventures . dengue

many of you know that i've been working on breaking into the wedding photography industry.  it's tough getting a name out there.  i started this blog as a way to get on the map.  i've enjoyed reading the blogs of other photographers big names and small town rookies alike.  one thing i find common to all of them is that they always show the fabulous side of life.  i have days when i can't get enough of the stuff.  every picture is gorgeous, every description is sweet as confectioner's sugar.  every event and every moment shared is sunshine and smiles.  today i feel like i'm sugared out.  life isn't always happy and sickeningly sweet.  i like grit and drama in my mix of movies.  too much sugar just screams fake and over board.  

i wonder if the dengue left traces of cranky panties in my system.  yep.. dengue.  nasty lil bug that a mosquito dropped into my system while we were out in indonesia.  i didn't know what was wrong.  5 days of fever, aches and pains then when i finally felt awesome again... i got a body rash.  turns out dengue is deadliest when you feel good.  sneaky lil devil hits the immune system the worst AFTER the fever is gone.  luckily we were back in the philippines by that time and my family stepped in and sent me to the hospital.  i think that's where i left my good nature.  i hate getting cooped up in the hospital.  i especially hate it if i'm coherent (feeling fine) AND cooped up in the hospital... for 2 whole days!

so that's where my indonesia blog post went.  it got stuck on the computer while i was recovering but i'm out now!  so i'll be posting those pictures soon.  i think that i might wait for this dark cloud to pass on by before the next post... in the meantime i want to share with you how i spent my v-day (also my bday).  note the smiles were prior to dengue outbreak.  


  1. Missy, I was worried about you! I am glad you are better and off to another adventure. See you soon! Love your one beautiful eyeball!

  2. Wow, the pics are amazing. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

  3. these pictures are great! we didn't get monkey ones as good as you when we went to indo. looks like the monkeys love the cameras.
    glad to hear a blog post that isn't all "sugar"...i agree with what you said sometimes too. way to keep it real :)