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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

mila | my family

i know people think that photographers must have loads of family pictures.  it's actually not true for me.  i mean... i have tons of kaya pictures.  i used to have a lot of curtis pictures too.  but all of us together?  or even better, all of my family together or curtis'?  nope.  it's effort to get the gang gathered, setup a camera to include me, keep everyone calm and collected... etc.  it's like organizing a christmas dinner.

typically when i do family portraits for my clients we set aside an hour to get the full family and fun moments.  with my own it seems that the collective party can't handle more than 15 mins of attention from one of their own. it's hilarious.  it's like watching a session on fast forward.  thank god the pictures come out good.

curtis' parents will be celebrating their anniversary this month so we brought the troops together (as many as we could gather in one day) and did the shoot.  sad to say we're short 3 of his siblings but altogether it was a fun 15 minutes.  then off to dinner!

the brothers (less 1) and yes... they are all different colors.  trust me.  they are brothers.

the eldest.  the one who ALWAYS bugs me about pictures.  the one who LOVES to see his pictures... but needs more practice getting them taken.  lol.  we love him and all his quirks.

four out of seven


  1. Love the dress you wore Michelle. Where did you get that?

  2. So awesome Michelle! I don't know what you're talking about they all look the alike to me. I was just telling Kathrina that that was one of the things that I'm most happy to have is pictures of us and our families, as hard as they may be to come by sometimes. To be able to look back on our lives together and remember the crazy ride it was. Looked like an aweseome 15 minutes.

    P.s. that field looks so awesome! Even if it's a roadside, which it kinda looks like.