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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

mila | the corporate look

one of my favorite clients called recently inquiring about corporate headshots but he didn't want anything typical for his company and his team of awesomes... he wanted corporate with a twist.  after he explained the concept to me i was SOLD!  it was so up my alley.  he wanted something that reflected their brand and who they were.  professional, approachable, creative and amazing.

schiefer media whose history is rooted in the automotive industry used to have a website that had a really sporty, race car look to it.  now with all their recent changes, the brand is a reflection of who they really are ... an atypical marketing agency with a relaxed koolness factor and a team of superheroes.  i'd like to think the "michelle" touch helped get them there.  just check out their new website and you'll see what i'm talking about.

here's some of my fave interior office shots ..


  1. Way cool Michelle, think you nailed what they were looking for!

  2. Great job Michelle. What a great spin on corporate shots

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  4. Very cool conference room... bright & contemporary... it just looks like success!