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Thursday, July 15, 2010

mila | kaya updates

  • her ears are pierced!  i took her to claire's the week after she got her DTaP shot at 2 months.  she was sooooo good.  she screamed once for each ear then she was done.
  • she clasps her hands in front of her, stares at them then tries to shove them in her mouth
  • there's a constant collection of lint between her fingers and her toes.  she must be starting a blanket project that i'm not aware of.
  • her nails grow faster than her hair!
  • when i saw her hands and feet for the first time my initial reaction was "she's gonna grow into those right?  just like puppies do? ... it's a sign right?  she's gonna be tall?"  she's finally catching up to them!
  • her cheeks are so filled out they sit on her chest
  • she likes to stand up!  her stance looks like this... belly out, arms back...head bobbing.   like a penguin!
  • she's done with the binky :( she's moved on to sucking on her wrist during sleepy time.
  • she's a drooly, frothy, bubble child.  we think she's teething though it's hard to tell coz she's not fussing.  we're not complaining mind you.  it just looks funny that she always looks wet.
  • she's the bestest travel baby ever!  on the plane ride to virginia she only cried to let us know she was hungry.  as long as you had a bottle ready there really wasn't much noise out of her.
  • she smiles when she wakes up as long as you let her wake up on her own that is.  and she's giggled once so far!  curtis gets major points for that episode.  we're hoping for a repeat performance soon.
  • she's graduated to about 6 ounces of milk per feeding.  unfortunately i can't keep up with her anymore so i've started to wean her off me. 
  • and today.... she rolled over from her belly to her back 5 times!

have you met my little carmen miranda?

what about my wild hair child?

kaya and i, playing model for the socal photog shootout group.  i put my watermark as a deterrent but the photos were taken by the photographers listed underneath the photos.  i'd like to commend kaya for being such a sport that day.  we were there from 11am to 9pm and my trooper of a daughter hung through it all.

top left by sammie b photography, top middle shots by LMP, top right and bottom by nannette photography

and kaya's most recent photo shot by my friend matt saville (using my camera) during our san diego day trip.


  1. You, my friend, have given birth to one mean little girl. Hehe...


  2. Michelle! She has gotten so big!!! I need to see her (and you) soon!!! Such great photos!

  3. I cant believe how big she is getting, and soooo beautiful!!!