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Friday, December 17, 2010

mila | playing model

i HATE being on the other side of the camera.  i feel awkward, self-conscious and these days... fat.  i would say 8 out of 10 clients can relate to this feeling.  and that's why i do it.  i need to know what it's like.  to learn how to pose people better i need to understand what makes the uncomfortable cross over to comfortable.  for me it's posing with someone else .. curtis or kaya.  if forced to get a solo shot my next comfort zone is sitting down or fidgeting with my feet.  whatever works for me i use to help my clients.  and so the exercise begins.

playing model for my amazingly talented friends.

michael and candace magoski own violethour in fullerton.  it's an amazing studio filled with their amazing art.  together they bring photography to a whole different level.  we took these photos a few months after kaya was born.  talk about self conscious!  candace did such an amazing job styling me and michael was so relaxed about it all i just had such a blast.

the photos above were edited by me, these next few came straight from the artist himself.

i met katya nova at a workshop this year and was just blown away.  everything about her oozed sensuality and talent in the most gentle and genuine way.  i was thrilled when she offered to take pictures of me and c.  couldn't jump on that band wagon fast enough.  down in laguna with the tide rising this girl battled the waves coz she was so caught up in our photo moment.  our friend regis has this insane shot of katya under a wave splash with her camera aimed at us.  the girl would not quit!

i am truly fortunate to be surrounded by such amazingly talented friends.


  1. I love these pictures of you guys. You are so blessed to have so many pictures of the two of you, documenting your love. One of the perks of being a photographer. Great imagery Michelle!

  2. Holy moly, so so so so beautiful. I heart you two!!!

  3. Oh wow, thank you! and THANK YOU guys for being such genuine awesome people :)) xx