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Thursday, March 10, 2011

mila | family . goodmote

family photography keeps me on my toes.

  • you can't always tell kids what to do or where to be ... so "posing" is out the door.  creative positioning is in.
  • asking kids to smile can get you anything from the big cheesy grin to the unsure lopsided smirk.  finding that genuine laugh requires carefree fun, lots of energy and attentiveness on my part.  admittedly i can sometimes go trigger happy.  i don't care - judge me.  i call it finger exercise.  
  • keeping parents from stressing about their kids is a biggie and is waaaaay key.  so i try keep the kids entertained while my mommy senses  (pushed to the max) tries to keep track of where they are and then my customer service demeanor is set to red alert to keep parental moods in check.
  • timing is everything.  staying sensitive to everyone's moods, demeanor and limits is essential.  know when kids need a break or a diversion.  prepare everyone for the possibilities of pouts, tantrums or just exhaustion.  be ok with it and know when to call it a day.
i get a lesson EVERY time i shoot one of these.  so yeah... i'm not giving up family portraits anytime soon.  

here's some photos of a family that made my job incredibly easy.

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