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Sunday, May 22, 2011

mila | kaya updates

we've had sleep disruptions presumably caused by teething.  she has 3.5.5 now.  as in 3 whole ones and 2 halves coming through.  my life was busy when she started crawling and now it's insane with her walking.  the little bugger insists on assisted walking btw; assisted by ME and only if we aren't in densely populated places like aquarium of the pacific.  something about crowds makes her feel strongly independent god help us.  god help ME.  watching her fight through a crowd and stand in a dangerously wet tub during bath time is giving me ulcers.  my lack of alone time and my razor burned legs (from shaving in a cold draft exposed bathroom since she insists on being within line of site at ALL times) and her attachment 24/7 makes me feel trapped and cabin fever is not an unusual issue at home. i really miss having the bathroom to myself.  she's figured out that tantrums break me down and whining can be effective when mommy is trying to work.  her one or (if i'm lucky, two) short naps a day don't buy me enough work time so i stay up late to catch up on my to do list.  by friday i'm frazzled, exhausted and ready to pull my hair out.  thank god for curtis.  he's so awesome, he'll do whatever it takes to calm her, including crawling into her crib with her and laying there till she falls asleep.  he's our referee and my personal savior (kaya would say the same).  he gladly takes over parental duties, tames the monster's tantrums and calms my frayed nerves.    and still... when she's sleeping, i can't help but give her kisses.  when she smiles at me (or gives me the naughty grin she's recently acquired) i melt.  and when she cries i feel guilty.  people tell me that she's such a good baby.  wow.  i guess life really only gives you what you can handle.  lord knows i couldn't handle a crazier baby.

p.s. we're still trying to have baby number 2.  i know.. CRAZY

the beginning of the end... right here.

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  1. Michelle, I feel like you are explaining my life. Babies are crazy, and amazing all at the same time. :) and #2!? yay!!!
    Lets get together for a park date soon!? :)