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Monday, May 2, 2011

mila | sexy time

i love shooting boudoir.  it really is the gift that keeps on giving.  it doesn't matter if the original intent was treasured intimate images for the love of your life.  in the end it's a gift to yourself.  i just saw one of my past boudoir clients recently.  she's had two children since her session with me.  i remember when she shyly asked me if i thought it would be ok for her to do a boudoir session.  she was thinking that i might consider it vain.  NO WAY!  i say celebrate who you are and how you feel here and now!  it's something to look back on and smile at later.  those pictures are her motivation to get back in shape now.  it also makes it very clear in her head that what she remembers was NOT a figment of her imagination.  and i'll tell you what, i know this girl.  she will work her butt off and look better than she did before and then she can look at those pictures again and feel even more accomplished.  ah happiness!

here's my most recent session.

 this sexy siren and mommy of one has a passion for shoes that rivals mine.  her sweet hubby (the birthday boy) supports this love by bringing home gorgeous leather presents from his travels.  to show him some love back... his birthday present.  i can picture the big grin on his face ;)