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Sunday, October 26, 2008

my inspiration

nate + jaclyn are the photographers behind "the image is found". they mostly do weddings and portraits. i've been pimping out their work to everyone i know. i absolutely love what they do. i came across them thru my good friend katie. katie, blog stalker and fellow photographer, was the first to respond to their call for a couple to model for them. they were conducting a one on one workshop w another photographer. how lucky is she to get a free photo session? after checking their work out i was completely hooked on them myself. i especially love the photobooths they set up at receptions. i need to try doing one of those.

there are soooo many talented people out there and i'm overwhelmed by how insignificant i am in comparison. all i can do is draw inspiration and keep shooting.

i love communities like flickr where people can share the love of the art... and help each other along. i am glad for friends like katie, hanssie and ming who are incredibly supportive in our shared passion. thank god for the seasoned photographers like jasmine star and david jay who remember what it was like starting out and gladly share their experiences with us newbies.

i've come a very very long way since my first dslr shots back in oct'06, every shot i've taken since then has been a lesson. and there's still so much room to grow.  this blog isn't just an online journal of sorts, it's also my way of sharing my photographic journey.  i want to give back as much as i take.  thanks for listening and supporting and loving.


  1. Yes. I am incredibly jealous that Katie got a session with the Kaisers. Thanks for the shout out!

  2. I need to get a Blog going so I can be linked on your "going to be famous" blog. :) Miss you friend, and LOVE the goggle picture. Aw, the Kaisers...we WILL be famous just like them. Soon, very soon. :)

  3. Hi Michelle - love your blog and all the pics - it's motivating me to push my own boundaries with photography (I'm a total novice) and maybe even push a few other boundaries too (I'm way too comfortable in my stable, nondescript life). Gotta figure out something I can do which is interesting enough to blog about! :-)

    Heather Harlow

  4. ming totally needs a blog too. i am such a believer in what jasmine says about this. it's just time consuming ah but fun.

  5. Hey Michelle!

    I totally agree, these guys are the real deal! They shoot totally differently from us, but I'm always inspired and blown away by their cool images!

  6. chris!!!! thanks so much for stopping by! i hate to break it to you buddy but you're one of them not one of us normal folk. hahaha! i stalked YOUR blogs and your site before i even knew how jas and jay were.