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Sunday, December 7, 2008

batch 90 reunion

30 girls ... 30 cameras.  everywhere i looked, a bulb was flashing and someone was posing.  craziness!  there was more paparazzi than a busload of tourists heading to hollywood.  

i was on facebook a few weeks ago getting messages from old high school classmates saying ... "we should get together sometime", "i miss you", blah blah.. you know.. the usual.  all these messages but no action and there was so much to catch up on with so many people.  18 years is a looooong time.  so we did it.  i took a poll for a date, kat recruited the class, maja provided the venue and there we were.  30 girls (and 3 boys) showed up for an evening full of laughter, hugs, camera moments and stories.  every section was represented and the 3 boys that showed up declared their own section. 

oh it was so fun!  everyone seriously looks the same.  just take the makeup off, put the high heels aside and we're still the same set of girls.  i'm still love love despite the short hair, therese will always be class prez in our hearts no matter how much she denies it, sheba still carries a fan, jerrie and issa still sit next to each other and we're all still loud and happy.  after dinner the group migrated to the bar and after that we migrated to a club (thanks so much to sheba and her hubby) and after that... we would have kept going.  but i for one am too old to stay up past 4am so i dragged my sorry butt home.

i wish i could pick a day that would work for everyone and a venue that would be accessible for all the girls including the ones abroad.  we could have had a larger group (after all our graduating class was over 250 girls) but as it was ... for the batch of 1990, 30 was an excellent turn out.  i would love to do this all again.  there are still so many people i want to catch up with... cribay, chona, denise, berna, barb, jb (although she's from grade school) to name a few.    it's too bad tetang couldn't stay long but we're glad christine and michelle (baretto) were able to trail in.  but there were still so many people we missed!  ah well, there's always next time...

here's a slideshow from that night -- sorry girls there is no way i'm posting 81 pictures.  too much work!  but i hope you enjoy this.  i spent a few hours this morning reaching into my grab bag of music .. digging deep in the heart of the 80s for the perfect song.


  1. I LOVE GIRLFRIEND (or ALL TYPES OF FRIENDS) bonding moments!

  2. great job!! perfect song pa...love the 80's! hahaha!

  3. Awww... It looks like everyone had a blast! Perfect song by the way.

  4. it's a fantastic slide show. it looked like so much fun! really bummed i missed out. hopefully i'm back home for the next one. :)