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Friday, December 19, 2008

carmen rosello aenlle

i wonder if she knew what an impact she made.  i wonder if she even thought of how many lives she would affect.

carmen rosello aenlle, married at 18 and mother to us all.  at 83 her life is coming to a close.

my dear grandmother who accepted each of us as we were.  we would squabble amongst ourselves.  we would love and hate alternately.  we would ride the waves of life.  she took no sides ... she was our constant.  she loved us.  she loved our flaws.  she accepted us and took nothing in return.

when i would get sick, it was her attention that would soothe me.  when i got a delightful new toy, it was her child-like appreciation that i would seek out.  when i was stuck on a puzzle it was her help i sought.  the story is the same for each of us -- her children, her grandchildren, her legacy.  

we are selfish in our needs to hang on to her and all our memories of her.  but it is time.  and now she gives us one last present.  it's almost christmas and she is drawing her last breaths.  for her, the family is coming home.  we'll be together again.  one house with all of us.  a united front to face another one of life's moments.  it's sad and happy.  we'll be together to see her transition to another life, one free of physical pain.  for us, it will be a merry christmas.   over dinner we'll be sharing stories and lots of happy tears.


  1. Oh hon. I wish I could hug you right now. It's ok. Just love her and let her know you are there.

  2. I'm so sorry!! It is hard to watch the ones you love slip away. I've gone through it with all of my grandparents now and it never got any easier. The photo above is absolutely gorgeous of her! Cherish what you have and remember what you love. You'll be in my thoughts.

  3. I don't know what's harder.. watching someone you love slip away, but you get the chance to say how much they mean to you, or having someone you love pass so sudden and hoping to just have another second to speak to them... Both scenarios are hard... I wouldn't choose any... but I'm glad you are surrounded by your loved ones. On a lighter note... She's beautiful!! Now I see where you got your hotness from! Take care Michelle! ;-).

  4. Michelle, what a beautiful woman and a beautiful legacy. Praying for you...

  5. This is heartbreaking. She is a beautiful woman.

  6. this is beautiful. i'm sorry for your loss...... but it's sounds like an amazing
    and full life.

  7. Hi Michelle, Thanks for the beautiful life story of Carmen Rosello Aenlle. We're sorry for your loss.

    Mabel, Hernán, Jorge and Florencia Aenlle (from Buenos Aires)