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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

mila | baby stuffs we love

i took a poll on facebook of some must have items for lil kaya and i got some really great tips.  i've also picked up a few of my own favorites along the way.  paying it forward and sharing...

kaya loves:

  • kangaroo korner solarveil pouch - this is the sling i use to carry kaya around.  it's UV protected.  it's mesh so i'm not worried about her suffocating or over heating.  it's adjustable.  it can also be used in the water when we go swimming!  she loves that closeness and it lulls her to sleep everytime she's in it.  bestest gift from my friend k-woo.
  • bouncy chair - we actually have 2 different ones that were handed down to us.  one of them vibrates and bounces and she loves that one.  the other one is the fisher price baby papasan chair that vibrates and has music (it doesn't bounce) but it puts her to sleep everytime.  it has an auto shut off which is great for the batteries but sometimes she's not ready for the music to end and she gives me the grumpy eye.
  • aden + anais swaddling blankets.  they are the only swaddling blankets that are large enough for a really good swaddle.  oh and they're really cute too.  thank you beth bean for turning me on to them!
  • crib night light - kaya seems to hate sleeping in complete darkness.  someone gave us a lil night light that attaches to the crib.  it's perfect for her.  i can't seem to find it online though :(
  • wiper warmer - kaya's best friend when we're doing early morning cleanups.  it's cold enough at 4 am without having to get a cold swipe.
  • mylicon - it's our ultimate solution to baby gas.  not that it eliminates the smell or the loud unladylike sound but it defintely helps her thru tummy owies.  and it's safe to administer with every feeding!

curtis and i love:
  • dr. harvey karp and his happiest baby video.  thank god for this guy and his awesome swaddling technique.  you gotta check it out.  life saver!!!  it's the one move that makes sure kaya gets quality and quantity sleep.  my girlfriend jenny kim (lee) sat me down and made me watch this video.  i'm so glad she did.  i turned around and made curtis watch it.  he's a swaddle expert now!
  • babywise - it's a book with tips on helping get munchie on a sleep schedule.  i actually used it as a guideline but i think i may have been simply lucky that lil pop is a good sleeper.   thanks to hanssie for this one.
  • airflow sleep positioner - all the talk of SIDS had us constantly worrying about kaya turning over or scootching into a suffocating position.  this lil helper let US sleep in peace.
  • summer video monitor - best way for us to check up on kaya without having to get out of bed.  coz sometimes the soundbites from her room are just her fighting bad guys in her sleep.  she doesn't always need our help.  our daughter kicks ass!  best part... it can see in the dark!
  • medela freestyle breast pump - ok so at one point curtis and i were laughing at this hands free breast pump contraption coz it looks ridiculous on!  i choked on my laugh and i laugh no more.  this thing is awesome!  first off the soft sheilds that it comes with is hella more comfy and more efficient than the ones that they let you use in the hospital.  then of course the hands free part is just great for pumping and blogging at the same time.  hahahhaha!
  • boogie snot bulb - kaya HATES it but i love the one the hospital sends you home with.  i bought one from target but it doesn't seem to work as well.  
hope this helps all my new mommy friends and all the ones that are about to be.  feel free to add to the list by commenting with your personal favorites and must haves.

and now to share kaya's official baby photos care of regis chen.  these were taken when she was a week and a half old.  


  1. So amazingly adorable. Awesome job Mamma. However, I might have to report you for the drawer picture.

  2. Bows-n-Berries cute hair stuff for lil girls...of course. =) I know, I'm totally shameless!! But I couldn't resist...

    And I think the Boppy pillow is amazing if you are breast-feeding...unless you have twins, and feeding them both at the same time (even with the extra large blow up feeding pillow) was ridiculous. But for one baby, the Boppy is great!

    Love the photos, btw...

  3. Brilliant! I'm making notes. Our daughter is due in September :)

  4. Seriously... these are adorable!

  5. First of all….LOVE the tips…but I’m thinking I might have to touch bases with you next month after the shower to see if there’s anything I NEED that I did not get.

    Second – SHE IS PERFECT!!! I cant believe I still haven’t met her in person. This needs to change pronto!

  6. I LOVED and would have DIED without Babywise! Adored that book! Boppy pillows are great anytime. With a newborn, they give a comforting "arm" around baby, and when they first learn to hold their little heads up, the boppy pillow is great for helping the push themselves up without fear of them smashing their little faces on the floor! Pictures are beautiful! I don't comment much but I have followed your blog for along time and throughout your pregnancy.

  7. omg these are beautiful pictures!! kaya is so precious. love it!

  8. oh my gosh seriously?! ADORABLE!!! hope to meet her in the future :)

  9. I LOVE IT! Wish Regis was around when Mac was that young!