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Thursday, April 15, 2010

mila | in the calendar for photographers

just a reminder that the orange county smug meets regularly on the 4th thursday of each month (7pm) at the mesa verde country club.  for this month's gathering (on april 22) we will have lawrence chan of tofurious as a guest speaker.  the topic is "Understanding Your Target Audience" and touching on social media.

and for my friends who don't know what this thing called smug is .... this is straight out of smug mug

what is SMUG?

A SMUG is a place where you can learn, teach and meet up with other photographers who share your passion. It's also how we (smug mug) can tell you what's happening in our world and discover what's happening in yours. SMUGs are a great way to connect with other photographers and add a few weapons to your creative arsenal.

Things to Expect at a SMUG

We Talk: You'll get the naked truth straight from the source. We'll preview stuff in the pipeline like new features, bug fixes, and promotions.
You Talk: Guest speakers will light up the room with their wisdom for shooting great images and making money with photography.
We Listen: We hear your opinions about features and potential business deals we're considering. It's a bulletproof way to know we actually get your message, the way you wanted us to hear it, unfiltered and face-to-face.

Things You Will Never Do

• Open your wallet: Save your money for new gear. SMUGs are free.
• Sign up for anything: There are no commitments, no requirements and no vacation timeshare offers here.
• Hold hands and sing Kumbayah: We love ya... but not that much.

to find a smug near you or to get the email reminders for your smug just sign up here.

speaking of mugs ...  here's kaya's


  1. i see you haven't taught her your lovely smile yet =-)

    love you, candace