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Friday, August 6, 2010

mila | july smugmug

joe photo brought on exactly what i needed to hear as far as albums.  he had a triple stack of albums from all the different companies he's worked with that we could touch n feel.  he had quality and price information on each and every one of them.  he showed us design ideas and he shared his workflow.  it was the album lesson from head to toe, and i needed it.  THANK YOU joe!  it was like a WPPI summary.  the show i've still never been to.  

whaddya say?  you couldn't make it?  again?  sucks to be you.  not only did you miss out on the joe album show n tell, you also didn't get a chance to meet jack of west coast albums whose product i just love.  oh and hanssie brought in her canvas wrap and metal print from bayphoto.  they looked gooooood!  i can't wait to order one of each myself!  

i keep telling you guys that these gatherings have a ton of awesome information and it's free!  but since you didn't make it i better tell you about smugmug and moo connecting the dots and making it easier to order cards.

anywayz ... next up is Art Suwansang of Wedding 64 to teach us about Lightroom 3.  if you've never used LR this one is a treat.  i gave hanssie a mini class and she's a convert.  if you ARE familiar w LR you should come anyway.  you might learn something new since the new version has all kinds of awesome sauce.  join our meetup group to stay on top of the dates.

p.s. special thanks to joe & mirta barnet for helping setup the room.  you guys are rad!  

hanssie's hooked on kaya.  i swear the kid is the worst form of birth control ever.


  1. Not.A.Chance. This baby factory is closed.

  2. nice blog...and nice pic!,,keep it up...
    i'm malaysian blogger...=)