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Friday, August 20, 2010

mila | wedding photographer . pacific edge villas laguna

they were almost done with vows but then raleigh had one more thing he had to say.  he turned his back to kelly right in the middle of the ceremony and said "...this is the last time i will ever turn my back on you".  thank god for auto focus coz the tears were blurring my vision.

congratulations kelly and raleigh.  i love you both!  

venue: pacific edge hotel
pacific edge coordinator:  rebecca peng
wedding coordinator:  natalie cassaro
catering:  jay's catering
flowers:  stacey fits of floral occassions
music:  DJ Todd

just as a note if you decide to hire jay's catering for food you have to try the veggie lasagna and the chicken that's in some kind of wine reduction sauce that i don't know the name to but it's to die for!  oh and pacific edge redecorated their villa and i LOVE what they've done to the place.

ah... moments from the first look.

my friend garrett davis who seconded for me that night got this rad shot during the first dance.

and then ... we cut cake.  and what started out as a simple act turned into the ninja cake cutting session in a blink of an eye!  party on!!!

btw thanks garrett for getting these shots of me.  yes... i get excited about fun shots and like to share.  and yes, i do anything to make sure my brides look good.  this includes going around and around in circles behind them as they dance trying to pin their dresses on so they don't trip.

and now for my kick ass shot of the night.  kelly decided that she was going to toss the bouquet from the 2nd floor.  she wanted me to capture the shot from the third floor.  when i got up there i immediately realized that it wasn't going to capture the moment well enough.  so i sprinted down the stairs yelling at the top of my lungs to wait for me before she threw the flowers.  she didn't hear me.  but i got this shot anyway.  just in the nick of time.  and THIS is why i wear comfy flats instead of heels.


  1. Love that last shot! You rock and the shots of you pinning the dress is pretty classic!