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Monday, August 16, 2010

mila | a trip to virginia

it was time for kaya to meet her grandparents!  so at 12 weeks we took kaya on her first plane ride all the way to virginia.  i read up on all the tips n tricks for lil munchies flying.  i was paranoid.  i've been a traveler since i was 9 and am all too familiar with the nightmare of infants with wings (and horns).  there's something about take off and landing that just upsets kids to no end.  ears popping, pressure, noise, who knows what else.  i read somewhere that if the baby was asleep we were safe.  my cousin told me to put her to breast (since at the time kaya was still breastfeeding) and the sucking motion would help her with her ears too.  putting her to the bottle would be the same reaction.  these were all well and good but what if kaya was awake and not hungry.  game over!  luckily kaya is as chill as they come.  she really wasn't bothered at all.  there were four other babies on the plane and it was the first time i was relieved by that many potential criers on a plane.  they were all bawling and i was a grinning proud mommy that my little one was a quiet lil clam.  

so far there's only 3 things that make kaya cry.  when she's hungry ... so we had a bottle ready and prepared as soon as she started up.  boy was she spoiled with the service on those flights!  when she's tired ... which took a little bit of rocking and she would be out.  and strong perfumy odors.  i know this sounds weird but she really hates perfume, cologne and room deodorizers.  so the bathroom on the plane was bad news.  as soon as we walked in she would shriek and as soon as we stepped out like a switch, she was done.  don't ask... i can't explain it except to say that strong musky perfumes make me pukey and she might have a severe case of what i have.

grandma and grandpa are in love with her.  she didn't have a moment of down time.  literally she was in someone's arms the entire 4 days we were there.  required some retraining for when we got home lemme tell ya.  here's the pictures from the trip.

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