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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

the last of it...

i think i'm all caught up on friends and family now.  this is the last of the reunions and get togethers and the last of the pictures on them... well... for now anyway.  it's been a whirlwind of events for curtis and i.  funny that he's met up with more of my past in the last weeks than i've seen in the last 18 years.

here's a few shots of the neighborhood kids all grown up.   dinner was at a yummy italian place that ran out of meat for the dinner menu.  ooops.   

ah my visit wouldn't be complete without the girls that knew me best.  we're missing a couple of people (berna and jb) who are out of the country.  i need to catch up with those two at some point.  all the gatherings i've been to and this was the first one that i shed a tear for.  unexpectedly chona started crying and i was right there with her.  it's just been so long.  sigh.

 yet another gathering of high school friends this time at karen's beautiful home.

 and a family reunion (my dad's dad's side -- yes i know that would be my grandfather but i wanted it to be clear that it was the aenlle side not the labalan side).


  1. I enjoyed reading your journey back to the Philippines :)

  2. wow!! looks like you guys have been BUSY!!