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Sunday, January 18, 2009

mila | photobooth . katigbak reunion

my godmother (tita clem) invited me to her husband's family reunion for a photobooth session.  a white wall is so helpful in lieu of paper!  

so most of the time i rely on my crazy friends or family to keep the momentum going on the past photobooth sessions.  this time i had 3 kids with a lot of energy to click away to.  i didn't even need curtis to give them direction!  they were great!


  1. ohh, those kids are adorable! i love the little guy in the green shirt. his smile is so sweet. i love the photo booth idea. i really want to try it sometime. is it hard to set up?

    also, i saw on your twitter balloon that you are going to indonesia...awesome! i went to bali last year and loved every second of it!

  2. julie ann | it was actually pretty simple. a white background, a light source (in my case a soft box), my subject and me. i got all my info from nate and jaclyn on "the image is found". a link to their blog can be found on the left margin of this page.

  3. anabel san juan - florentinoJanuary 19, 2009 at 9:32 PM

    wow, i love your photos Love! its so heart warming to see my usually "reserved" family in a different and comic way. haha! this is amazing! thanks for bringing out our silly side. i think you made the difference because you made us feel so comfortable and the shoot at home was great fun. you have an amazing talent for photography..you'll go places most definitely! with curtis always along. =)thank you thank you from our family. you made that night really special.

  4. I love your photobooth shots! these kids are adorable!

  5. Those are cute! The kids are adorable!!!

  6. Michelle,
    Time to turn your obsession into your profession! You are one talented photographer. Your subjects all look very comfortable and your lighting is right on. There's no reason you shouldn't be making your living from photography! (In my humble opinion as a graphic designer of 20 years. :) Love your website - I just finished my very first very own website last week. Check me out: http://www.zaxgraphix.com

  7. Disneyland wasn't that BAD, it was just tired kids and a sick wife, left it up to daddy to keep the fun alive :)

    The photobooth looks lovely, and that dog is so freakin' cute! I want one sooooo bad!