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Friday, January 2, 2009

mila | photobooth

tin sends me a message all excited like coz she found out about my photography.  tin and i go way back... like kindergarden way back.  we found each other again thru facebook.  sarah, one of her best friends (and my hs batch mate) was getting married.  tin wanted to hire me as the photographer for the wedding.  we were all ready to go but then we found out that sarah had already booked a photographer.  bummer!!!!  well, tin still wanted me anyway.  i was going to be her wedding present to sarah and lee (yes... sarah lee -- got that).  i didn't want to distract the couple on their wedding day by having a separate set of photographers covering the wedding so i talked everyone into letting me do the photobooth.  it's a little mini studio if you will.  something to keep the guests occupied during cocktail hour and after dinner.  it's also a great set of memories for the bride and groom and a step away from the usual reception photos.  i've been wanting to try this out since i spied it on nate + jaclyn's site.  i'm so glad they all agreed!  we had a blast doing this.  best thing ever!  (many many many thanks to nate + jaclyn of the image is found for sharing how they did photobooths.  thanks to them i was able to conduct my very own rendition of this ultra fun session.)  

it's definitely a different take on the photobooths you can rent.  it's not just a box where people can elect to be fun or boring... push the button and get a picture.  since curtis and i were there to egg people on there were no normal pictures here folks -- at least not much... and only if we got a fun one in exchange hehehe.  i would like to think that the guests had just as much fun as curtis and i.  i can't say that they had more fun than us though coz we really had a blast.  thanks sarah and lee for letting us do this.  thanks so much tin for making me your present.  thanks tin and sunny for keeping the ball rolling.  sunny is also from back in the gradeschool days btw.  tin and sunny were my dedicated scene fillers.  when no one was brave enough to get their pictures taken, tin and sunny had a mad fashion session -- enough to inspire the next crew of models. 

and thanks to the super awesome, super talented teddy manuel of flowersANDevents who pulled off the flowers, the coordination, the every little detail that mattered to make the bride (actually... brides -- as in plural if you count sunny and tin) completely happy and stress free.  i don't know how he did put up with those three but he did it with aplomb, sassy style and amazing panache.  applause teddy!

note:  i found out 2 days before the event that the photographer that sarah had for the main wedding was none other than gillie  (of pat dy photography ) who happens to be my cousin xy's best friend and one of the awesomest photographers ever!  his slideshow gave me happy chills.  i'd let him shoot my wedding any day!

and here is the slideshow for the rest of the photobooth shoot.  enjoy!!!


  1. Thank you Love-Love & Curtis for making our wedding extra special with your presence and super fun photo booth. We had a blast!!! - Lee & Sarah :)

  2. I have been SO busy with the holidays that I finally realized I never received my Dane Sanders book that I won...great photobooth shots by the way!

  3. I LOVE it. How fun! One day I will try...maybe.

  4. These came out great!!! Nate and Jaclyn had such an awesome idea i love looking at their crazybooths too! =) Lots of silliness = lots of fun!!

  5. Nice work I can't wait to do my first phootbooth this year.

  6. Awesome photo booth! I really need to get some white paper...you made these look great! So much fun!