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Sunday, January 4, 2009

sowing the seeds

it was a statement as common as "what are you up to today?". he coughed + he smokes so i automatically said "you should stop smoking". harmless for the speaker but a nag for the recipient even if there was no substance behind it. he shrugs. i know for a fact that people do what they want to do regardless of the sentiment around them. i also know that deep down we know what we should and shouldn't do for ourselves. god only knows i talk myself into excercising everyday and fail miserably at execution. i know that each of us are well intended but habits are hard to break -- especially the ones that make us feel good. although, i have to confess, overeating doesn't make me feel good a few minutes after i've indulged. but i do it anyway.

everyday we make decisions, big ones, little ones, life impacting ones and seemingly minute ones that leave lasting impressions. added up, all these decisions color our lives and shape us into who we are. my tito rez celebrated his birthday a few nights ago and with that, celebrated many years of decisions that have brought him to this point. he's made some really awesome ones in his lifetime. he married my aunt (my dad's sister) 31 years ago. he raised 4 wonderful kids with her -- each of which carries a world of daily choices. he's stood by his political and moral beliefs and fought for them. those beliefs band together a group of people that support him and many others like him. he's been a pillar of strength and a source of inspiration for the rest of us who come close enough to feel that resonating vibe. i guess i really don't need to remind him not to smoke. he'll do it when he's ready if he feels it's right. he's done everything else right so far.

happy birthday tito rez and wishing you many more daily doses of good life!

the makeshift photobooth we had in our living room comes a tiny tad bit short of awesome over the lack of proper background equipment. i'm working on getting a seamless white background ... have fun viewing anyway.


  1. i can hear the laughter from all the way over here! miss you guys

  2. What a wonderful family you have! I couldn't stop watching this once I started! Each photo was just as outragious as the next!

  3. These rock! I have a light blue background that I am going to be useing. I love the look on the dudes face on the first picture (funny stuff)!