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Thursday, February 18, 2010

mila | mission san juan photographer . omar + alexis engaged

california missions.... from the first date to the proposal and now the engagement session.  in the time they've been together they toured all the california missions.  the san juan capistrano mission was the last one on the list to visit and it was the location omar and alexis chose to have their engagement photo session.  i love full circle stories don't you?!?!?!

btw... the cream shirt that omar is sporting in some of the pictures is called a barong tagalog.  it is the formal garment worn by men in the philippines.  alexis is filipino.  i love that omar is taking on the tradition.


  1. LOVE em! You know my fave....the one with the sunflare! :) I looove me some sunflare! :)

  2. Michelle!!! You really rock!!! I love 'em! Thanks for making it easy for us. You were such a good sport doing all your moves even with baby bump :) I still can't believe our faces are in your blog now. I used to just read other peoples stories, and now we're featured :) XOXO