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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

mila | MY baby bump week 37

almost done cookin!  

today i'm posting pictures for week 37 of the bump series.  i thought it was appropriate since i just celebrated my 37th birthday this past valentine's day.  i can't believe we only have 3 weeks left!  ... well.. give or take.

so let's take a quick look at how far we've come.  the picture on the left was taken back in september at 3 months pregnant and then of course the one on the right is where we are now.  a few "things" have grown ;)  some of you may have noticed that the list includes curtis' beard.  he has this thing about growing out his beard for life changing moments.  he'll be shaving off his "abe lincoln" when the munchkin is born.

speaking of munchkins... we had a wonderful baby shower a week ago and i'd like to take a moment and thank everyone that put it together and also attended.  my friend gerlie hosted the shindig at her beautiful home.  tanvi, who just had an adorable son herself some 8 months ago took care of the games and my superstar chef of a sister katrina took care of the menu.  we couldn't have asked for a better day.  we were surrounded by friends and family that day and really... it was a joy.  this little girl is going to be so loved.  we also decided to announce her name that day .... KAYA SIMONE FORD. 

curtis loves bob marley and there was an album called kaya.  kaya also means "able to" or "can do" in filipino.  we thought it was beautiful and appropriate.  as for simone, curtis and i came up with that name separately but on the same day. sometimes we're totally on the same page.  it's kool and weird at the same time.  i don't know how he came up with it but one of my best friends in hs was named simon and i happened to be thinking about him that day.  

so there it is... the alarm should be going off soon.  we've got the house in order.  a few things still need to be purchased but thanks to the generosity of everyone we've got the majority of the things we need.  next week i'll be posting my favorite photos from our maternity session shot by our good friend and awesome photographer becker.  if you want to take a peek at the photos he's posted on his blog you can view them on his blog and scroll down to the one dated 02.08.2010.

just watching and waiting.. and curtis likes to listen to kaya stretch out in there.


  1. Look at that baby bump grow :) Loooooooooove the name!!! Excited for you and Abe. Happy belated birthday wishes too!

  2. You look soooo beautiful Michelle! I felt totally honored to be invited to your baby shower , and to be your friend...Cant wait to meet little Kaya!!

  3. That's SO awesome. The first picture is so cool...I like the progression.

  4. what lens did you use for those?

    la la la lovely...