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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

mila | newborn . dylan

i've told you guys about one of my bestest friends jenny.  the one who spiked the water and spread the preggo germs.  as in.... 7 out of the 16 girls at her baby shower were pregnant!  she was the first to release one into the world....

meet dylan.  he's gonna be kaya's regular play date ;)  jenny had dylan last month and we finally got to visit!  isn't he just ADORABLE!?!?!?!?

to my clients, if you fall in love with these photos i can't blame you.  he's super cute.  i am however, no longer available for newborn and maternity photos.  i decided late last year that it was time to narrow my photographic scope.  i know some amazing photographers that specialize in both maternity and newborn photos.  if you are interested in that information just drop me an email and i can direct you to their amazing talent.

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  1. He is so adorable :) Such sweet photos. I bet you can't wait for your little one to arrive.

  2. So ridiculously cute! Love them all Michelle!!