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Thursday, February 25, 2010

mila | newport portrait photographer

sometimes the stars are aligned and i'm surrounded by angels.

i have soooooo much information crammed in my head about anything and everything.  some of it is useful and some of it is just silly.  but just like a good garage sale, another person's junk is someone else's treasure.  and me... i'm a pack rat that likes to "share".

i met michael arick at one of the photog shootouts.  and he was heaven sent fo sho!  i don't even remember what he was picking my brain about one day but i guess whatever it was, it was useful to him.  to say thanks, he offered any help in future for printing.  talk about timing!  i was stressing about how to get ready for the bridging the gap exhibit and here was the answer!  michael-godsend-arick lent me a mega giant pro printer and i was able to put together my first exhibit ever!  

  • a moment for the shameless plug..
    • the exhibit is still up (all of feb).  stop by the tranquil tea lounge.  take in the vision.  contribute to the cause.  all proceeds go towards the charity.  also, i had to buy supplies for the exhibit and to fund the expenses i'm offering a few people the opportunity to print out enlargements of their work.  get your photo printed onto a 24x36 luster sheet for $25.  the offer is only good if you are local.  i'm too scared to deal w shipping that ginormous print.  email me if interested michelle@milaphotography.com
back to the topic at hand... my godsend michael.

michael called me a couple weeks ago to say he needed head shots for his blog.  two hands up high i volunteered for the job.  he's so photogenic i didn't even need to spend 5 minutes to get 120 great pictures.  it was easy peasy!  he's a budding photographer and an accomplished artist.  check out his work at 26 gallery.  also, if anyone needs a 2nd photographer he's looking to shadow people for weddings.  give him a holla!

here's some of the 120 great photos.

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  1. same location as your shoot with Becker, ya? where is that???