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Monday, March 22, 2010

mila | wedding photographer . los angeles celebrity center

here's to giving you guys a break from all the baby news....

this was the blog i was getting ready to post when my water broke.  

i met cassie betts a few months ago when we did the mcCharles house vendor shoot in tustin.  i reached out to her thru the internet and begged her to let me shoot some of her wedding gowns.  she so trustingly said yes.  thank god!  the woman is talented.  she's also a bundle of energy.  so much fun and so much spunk packed into this diverse package.  oh... and as we were talking about my lil bundle of joy that i was cookin up in my belly we found out that she's blackapina too!  actually.. she refers to herself as "negrapina".  

a few weeks ago she called to say she needed photos for a fashion spread.  woohoo!  i was all over that!  check out the line up of amazing talent that cassie setup for the day.

this is our dress designer .. cassie

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  1. Michelle! They are awesome!!!

  2. wow! beyond amazing! You did a fantastic job!

  3. What a great day! What great pics! You are such a trooper coming to shoot with that big ole belly. I love you!

  4. Those dresses are gorgeous! Awesome photos!

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