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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

mila | orange county wedding photographer . vendor shoot at the mcCharles house

What if you didn't want the traditional wedding gown? What if you wanted a more intimate setting for your wedding? What if you wanted something spunkier for your special day? These were the ideas we were toying with when we setup this look for the alternative bride.

Last week hanssie and i went to the McCharles House in Tustin armed with 4 models, a team of helpers, gorgeous dresses, flowers, friends and fun!
  • the venue: the McCharles House in Tustin is a victorian style home decorated with 24 years of love, history and art. managed by the sweet mother-daughter team audrey and vivian, it is the perfect place to have an intimate wedding with that vintage feel.
  • dresses by cassie betts - adorable short wedding dress fashion by cassie
  • flowers by french buckets - inspired floral designs by susanna.
  • makeup by alisha baijouas and sharon tabb
  • hair by jennifer alvarez

** special thanks to mary lallande of jay's catering for sending us to the McCharles house and introducing us to all these wonderful people!

** and a million thanks to each of our models who patiently worked with us that day! thank you mai, diane, gelsey and lauren.

i was influenced by a combination of vogue fall fashion, alice (the new movie w johnny depp) and D&G postcards. Not your typical wedding bridal fashion shots and something totally me...



  1. Beautiful concept, and the details are amazing! Ah I need more of these concept shoots to keep us all inspired!

  2. Good job! These dresses are totally different than the originals. I likey!

  3. Ooooh, I like!!!! Hot, Hot, Hot Michelle! :)

  4. beautifully done love2!:) i loved it!

  5. Are you kidding me these photos are sick, I thought you said you need to work on detail shots. I think your being just a tad bit critical

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  8. Aaaaaaah Michelle! You make my dresses look like a million bucks!!! The whole theme was Amazing! Glad I was a part of it. Can't wait for the next one.
    And just so u know...I shed a tear...really extraordinary work! REALLY... It's like seeing really good baby pictures... The best I've had to date. My baby dresses have grown up so much... LOL!

  9. So fun! And those bouquets are really incredible!

  10. All the vintage details are beautiful. These are by far the best flowers ever! I am really digging your detail work Michelle.

  11. I like those photos very much,especially the flowers used in them!And the photos have a classical feeling.Vey good !