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Monday, September 14, 2009

mila | orange county photography workshops

i've been a busy busy girl ... trying to be everywhere at once and it's been exhilarating!  after the initial preggo fog finally lifted i've been making up for lost time!

let's talk workshops!  there's a few things going on that you guys should know about if i haven't already shared them with you...

i started a monthly get together with a handful of friends (actually... 3 of them to be exact).  we meet at the cafe tutu tango at the block.  they just got their first DSLR's and i'm just dowloading all kinds of photo info on them.  i remember when i first got my camera and after 3 months of playing i felt like i needed to be the boss of it instead of the other way around.  i felt like i was getting lucky with my shots.  the goal was to be consistent.  i learned the long way by buying books, digging thru the net, research, eavesdropping, workshopping and just practicing.  these guys are getting a bit of a shortcut.  we talk about equipment, methods, techniques, bloopers and oopsies, software, ideas, all kinds of camera geeky stuff!  

you should come join us!  it's free (buy your own grub), it's chill, it's fun, it's over food!

when: Sept 29, 2009 11am - 2pm
where: the block at orange, cafe tutu tango
what to bring:  all your camera questions.  bring your camera too.

i'm teaching at the Irvine Fine Arts Center!  there's 2 separate classes.  2 opportunities to learn!  here's the course information and the registration sites...

Irvine Fine Arts Center
14321 Yale Ave
Irvine, CA 92604-1901
(949) 724-6880

Digital Photography: Intro to Lightroom 2.0  NEW!

Are you a digital photographer striving to achieve maximum results in
enhancing your work? Learn to streamline your digital photography
workflow and increase your efficiency using the popular software
program Lightroom 2.0. Participate in this one-evening intensive
workshop that will introduce the software, focus on the library,
develop modules and setup options and import/export functions.
Workshop will touch briefly on the slideshow, print, and web modules.
Inst: Michelle Cunningham. IFAC Member $91.

#76981              Tuesday Oct. 6              6:30pm-9:30pm
   Registration fee: $99.00              IFAC – Studio 1

   to register for this class, click here

#77696              Tuesday Oct. 13            6:30pm-9:30pm
  Registration fee: $99.00              IFAC – Studio 1

  to register for this class, click here

you guys know (or may not know) that i'm co-leader for the oc smugmug.  we just announced the next smug! i'm hoping to make it... hanssie and i will be flying back from las vegas that day but you should definitely go!

The Next OC SMUG meeting is Thurs, Sept. 24 @ 7PM
Hosted by SMUG Leader Jasmine Star, this month's SMUG will reveal...

Fusion... WTF?

Jeff Jochum will reprise his Igniting Fusion presentation at this month's meeting. Featuring incredible Fusion videos by Bob Davis, Robert Evans, JVS, Chris MacAskill, The Bebbs and The Bui Brothers (some of these Fusion leaders may even be at the meeting to discuss their work) as well as the NEWEST video from Vincent Laforet's SmugMug project in Hawaii - Igniting Fusion was a big hit at this year's Collision Conference, hosted by the LA Film School, a few weeks ago.
If you are wondering "WTF is Fusion (and why should I care)?" - this is the meeting for you. 
Learn how its done (good, bad and ugly) and how to GET STARTED in this next generation market opportunity.  Old Skool is still cool, but the success of the Canon 5D MkII (and excitement around the new 7D), coupled with the exploding consumer demand for vid-media (thanks to Animoto.com and the Apple iPhones and iPods) is driving Fusion photography as the next BIG step up in the world of digital photography. Become a Fusion leader (of find one) at this month's SMUG.
Orange County SMUG
Thursday, Sept. 24, 2009 | 7:00-8:30PM
Mesa Verde Country Club (map)
3000 Clubhouse Road
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
SMUGs are free and open to everyone who loves photography.
No RSVP is needed, but SPACE is LIMITED, so get there early for the best seats

i'm also part of the socal photog shootout group family.  hanssie and matt run this awesome shootout group.  get together every other month with a great group of photographers.  bring a camera and learn techniques hands on with models, instructors and friends.  meet new people, pick up some info, walk away happy.  it's super duper fun!  let you know when the next one is.  but join the group via facebook and be informed immediately, click here to join.

PHEW!  busy girl or what?!?!  told ya!  here's a photo to end this loooooong post.  ... because curtis and i are both getting hit with a bout of "home-sickness" (we mean the philippines of course)


  1. Great post Michelle! I am still trying to get to all of my pics from the last photogshootout. hopefully I can get them posted by the next one! Way too busy.

  2. You sure are a busy girl! Love the photo! I miss home too :(

  3. Cool picture! We need to plan a vaca there!

  4. With all this energy you may be having a boy...

  5. Great post! And the picture is breathtaking!