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Friday, September 25, 2009

mila | orange county wedding photographer . shooting at the biltmore and ritz-carlton

i signed up to 2nd for ahmed of aacreation when time permits and it's been awesome! he's taught me soooooo much! he specializes in south asian weddings so you can well imagine the colorful events i get to go shoot. beautiful stuff! gorgeous fabrics, colorful arrays of flowers, lots of culture and deeeeelicious food! all around it's been a great learning experience.

indian weddings are done over multiple days as it turns out. they really know how to party! i accompanied ahmed to two days out of a three day wedding a couple of weekends ago. we started with a sangeet (i can best relate this to a rehearsal dinner but a much more involved one) on friday at the ritz-carlton in dana point, ahmed shot the actual ceremony on saturday with another team and then i was back to join him on sunday for the conclusion at the biltmore.

i had never shot at either venue and i was in awe! they were both gorgeous. just take a look!

sangeet at the ritz-carlton ... i love hotel chandeliers

the reception at the biltmore... makes me think of those ballroom scenes in disney movies.


  1. Mila - BEAUTIFUL shots! I love the Biltmore - everytime I see a movie with it as a location I get excited. You also got to shoot in my favorite room! Dave, Ghostbusters, Beverly Hills Cop, True Lies, Pretty in Pink, etc... were filmed there.

  2. Wow! Beautiful photos and such a beautiful place! What a dream!