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Sunday, September 27, 2009

mila | MY baby bump week 16

admittedly there doesn't seem to be much of a difference from the photo we took 3 weeks ago but i swear to you we logged in an additional 2 pounds at the doctor's office yesterday (and yes, that was before i had breakfast). things are progressing well. my appetite is back and showed a level of voraciousness i haven't seen in a while. it came in really handy at the buffets of vegas this past week. hanssie and i stopped by the paris buffet and discovered a mound of alaskan king crab legs begging to be consumed at an all you can eat pace. we indulged our inner asian and ate more than our fair $20 share for a good 3 hours. maybe that's where the extra 2 pounds came from....

before i call my sister up this week to cook up all my favorite dishes, i think i'm going to sign up for a gym membership. must balance the food with excercise. i refuse to fall prey to the whole fallacy of eating for two and listening to what my body wants. seriously people... the books say i just need an extra 300 calories but this constant hunger demands numbers in the 4 digit range. i'm not anorexic i'm being healthy (and proactive). i'm also hoping the loving comment from my friend tina about the weight showing up on my face in a recent picture was just a trick of the light. that or bad makeup.

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