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Thursday, September 17, 2009

mila | orange county wedding photographer huntington hyatt

i'm a member of the [b] school as some of you know and becker had posted an invitation to join him for a wedding. i raised my hand for the invitation and becker picked me!!!! i was floored! i was excited and i was floored! i packed some snacks into my bag and whistled my way to the huntington hyatt. it was a gorgeous day to shoot a wedding! brian khang was also there! so now i had 2 experts to siphon for information and i learned so much that day.... ah-ma-zing! trully!

jennifer and markus were in from germany to say their vows. i couldn't have picked a better couple. they were gorgeous, sweet, down-to-earth, inviting, welcoming, in love! i could keep going... just check out the pictures and see for yourself. THANK YOU BECKER for inviting me to shoot this wedding with you!

btw.. the florals were done by square root design whose work is just breath taking. brian and i couldn't stop taking pictures of everything. he was really going to town at the reception. check out the sweetheart table and tell me your jaw didn't drop. seriously, the picture doesn't do it justice. and the cake table! the cake in its classic simplicity looked elegantly charming surrounded by all those flowers. sigh... i want my house to look like a square root garden.


i had a snaffoo at the ceremony. there i was on the ground (sprawled on the grass, preggo n all) shooting a "down-the-aisle" shot and i felt a pop! the button that held my dress' strap in place snapped! whoops! wardrobe malfunction! camera in one hand, dress pieces on the other, i shimmied over to the ever prepared coordinator of the day, laurie davis of five star weddings. thank you laurie for saving my day!

outtakes w brian and becker


  1. Fun! And that table was WOW! I would love to eat on that every night.

    Great sunset beach shots :)

  2. Good times!! And I didn't know you had a wardrobe malfunction!

    - Brian

  3. I love them Michelle! Gorgeous!

  4. What a beautiful wedding and what beautiful photos. I love how creative the group shots are.

  5. The first shot is INCREDIBLE. Seriously, love the way you set it up. And the detail shots of the flowers and shoes made my heart skip a little.