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Thursday, September 3, 2009

mila | boudior

i firmly believe that in a woman, confidence, a sense of accomplishment and a smile makes for a sexy combination.  every girl should celebrate how she feels.  a few of my friends approach me quietly asking if we could do a boudior or girls gone glam shoot and hope i don't think them vain.  what does vanity have to do with it?!  i love the idea of celebrating where you are in life!

here's a few celebratory moments that have come my way that i've been proud to shoot...

  • getting married!
  • had the baby and got my body back
  • about to have the baby!
  • lost weight and feel great
  • capture my youth before the kids come
  • 49 and proud of it
  • got a divorce and feel free
  • a gift for the boy
  • just coz!
seriously... whatever it is.  whenever it is.  sometimes you just need a pamper day.  hit the spa, get a makeover, shoot the picture.  be proud!  call me if you need help ;)

my awesome friend kelly who looks absolutely gorgeous let me post these photos from the last boudior session. thank you so much to the owners of hotel 741 in laguna for lending us the room for a couple of hours!


  1. love the shots love! congrats again mama-to-be (from a mom that's empty nesting already!!)

  2. Fierce shots girl. I'm in love with your sepia tone. The last one is my favorite with the side profile.