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Monday, September 7, 2009

mila | stray thoughts. moving forward

today i feel like i'm getting somewhere!

this morning i was checking out my google analytics for my blog. i saw that i was getting referrals from another blog... vintage glam weddings. so i hopped on over to see what was going on... they featured me on their blog!!! i'm soooooo excited! and so honored! they were showing the vendor shoot i did with alice hu and hanssie a few weeks ago at the pacific edge hotel in laguna.

this week has been insane! i shot every day this week...vendor shoots, portraits, babies, weddings. i was everywhere doing everything! AND i had a power packed weekend. i started on friday shooting with ahmed of aacreation at the ritz-carlton for an indian sangeet. on saturday i was tagging along for a wedding with becker (and brian khang) at the huntington hyatt. and just last night i was at the gorgeous biltmore hotel with ahmed for the conclusion of the indian wedding we shot on friday. phew! i don't even think i've ever had this many links on one blog entry before! but all this activity makes me feel like i'm getting somewhere. it makes me feel like i didn't just walk away from a lucrative career in software design for nothing. i guess i'm not just twiddling my thumbs waiting for things to happen. i'm making things happen! that feels soooo good.

today is labor day. how appropriate is it that i'm taking a break :). curtis and i are going to spend some quality time today. i'm going to go wake him up... grab some breakfast. i'm not being mean by waking him up on a holiday ... the baby is buggin for some grubbin! if i can finnagle it... i might get us a couple of massage bookings at my favorite massage place (bodycentre dayspa). and tomorrow .... the editing frenzy begins.


  1. YAY... Congrats! So proud of how much you have grown. You are moving mountains, and it is really neat to watch.

  2. wow - good busy. LOVE the Biltmore - Go Ghostbusters!

  3. So cool! I LOVE that blog! You are rockin' the photography world. I love your style. BTW, a huge congratulations to you and Curtis on your pregnancy. How exciting! : )