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Sunday, September 20, 2009

mila | socal wedding photographer . island palms hotel san diego

hanssie needed a 2nd for a wedding she was shooting and off we went! hello san diego!

the wedding was at the island palms hotel. our couple .. katy and wes. it was a beautiful and touching ceremony!

the highlights for me.... flagging down a pair of tourists in a super rad "tour car" and borrowing it for the boy's shot.

this wedding's michelle blooper:
preggo symptom strikes again. the whole memory issue is really challenging for me. i set down my 17-35 L lens somewhere and i guess i left it there. we're getting ready for the ceremony and i realize i think i may have lost my lens. i walk back to where i remember last having it and it's not there. hanssie is so upset about it and i'm telling her it's ok. really... my fault for losing it and there's no sense crying over it if it's really gone. sigh. oh well. (i didn't realize till i got home that i was being nonchalant about an $1800 lens!). we get to the reception, hanssie is still pouting for me and i spy this weird black tiered object sitting by the cake. lightbulb! i just remembered where i left my lens! i've actually resorted to asking my subjects to pay attention to what i set down because of the recent memory issue. stupid cake didn't say anything! i know... i really need to put alarms on everything i own.


  1. We make an incredible team! Loving the shots you got. :)