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Sunday, November 16, 2008

family pictures with the stolks

when i get hooked on something, i get really hooked... as in ... obsessed. last year it was my space. i don't know what it was, maybe i was spending too much time in the office burning brain cells over software development that at night i would need to interact with others and myspace provided a convenient outlet for me. i would spend HOURS online, sometimes losing sleep over it. doing what exactly? i don't know. just reading about other people i guess. at some point i was getting too much spam and meeting too many fantasy personas that i got burnt out. i pulled a 180. i got so turned off in fact that i refused to consider joining any other online communities.

having left the country in my teens, i really lost touch with all my old friends from school, the few that i did maintain kept talking about facebook. the photographers i looked up to made some mention of it in the workshops i attended. my friends were maintaining communication thru it all around me. my curiousity got the best of me, i broke down a couple of months ago and looked into it. when in rome....right? pfffftttt, i'm back on the online crack.... curtis groans. my old neighbors, classmates, family, people i admire, people i know, they all seem to be in there and for once they were real people! i just can't get enough of it.

sylvia lorenzo as she was known back in the day was my 4th grade seatmate. we shared a little trapezoid shaped table for almost a year. the relationship was a rocky one. she was a mess and i was always a neat freak. her stuff would cross over to my side constantly. it annoyed me so much that i laid down the law. i drew a line on the table with a pencil and defined the rules. anyone crosses the line it's a 25 cent fine! i was a brassy 9 year old, who didn't sit like a lady. my legs used to find themselves on her side of the table all the time. so she evened the score by extending the line to the floor. the classroom was divided and we were at war.

we found each other on facebook just recently. all scores aside, we can look back and laugh at the children we were. she invited me to her home this last weekend to take the family portraits and have lunch. we had a blast! i'm pretty sure that if the whole line drawing situation never manifested we would have been really good friends. i see a lot of myself in her. she's got the same type A, no holds barred, down to earth personality i've got. maybe we were too much alike and just didn't know how to deal back then.

sylvia and her husband chris are an incredibly dynamic couple. they met in a college in boston some 15 years ago. you can't help but get caught up in their energy and enthusiasm. their "first born" kishor, is a giant lug of a loveable dog. kiel and gabe, their two sons, are a couple of green thumb entrepreneurs who maintain a garden of vegetables and herbs that they harvest and sell... back to mom! i just love that! and then we have sweet, squeezable reese, all of 4 months and a calm, happy, easy to photograph baby. we really had a blast! she has an amazing family. curtis and i spent the entire day (just about) with them. we had so much fun, we're heading back there for thanksgiving and schedule permitting, we might hit the beach in march together. hurrah to finding old acquaintances and making new friends!

... few of my favorites from the family session.


  1. These are really cute. I am especially in love with the last 2. They are just adorable!!!

  2. The bum shot rocks and that babe is scrumptious!

  3. (That's two different "Jessica's" BTW.) ;)

  4. i love that bum shot too! i've never been able to put a baby into this position for a shot till now. and we actually got lucky coz 2 clicks later he was awake and smiling at me.

  5. sylvia, this is beautiful! love-love, can i get you to do my family portraits as well? hahahaha!

    everyone is just so intrigued by your new name. all our old classmates are asking about you. : )

  6. who's talking about me? kaya pala my ears have been burning. i thought it was mosquitoes! ha! kat if you want your pictures done i'm available! email me!

  7. These are awesome! I really like #3 and #7. I love the muted colors and "vintage" feel of #7. Great job!

  8. I like the one of the kids and the dog on the couch. Very cute:)