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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

winning streak

holy shiznickle!!! it's been an exciting week for us over here and it's only tuesday! we came to san juan for the waves but the last two weeks were painfully quiet on the water for the boys. it's almost like we moved next to a ginormous lake. and then .... they came. the storm hit with a vengeance sunday night. thunder rolling over head, giant raindrops pelting the roof of our little cottage and the sound of the waves crashing in the distance. curtis and i went to bed smiling that night knowing that the morning would be happy surf day.

curtis got up at 5.30 am to check the waves out front. 8-10 footers were pounding the beach. we headed out to a favored surf break and the troops were already there. everyone was giddy after the dry spell. kids were missing school! they called it a surf holiday :) curtis was out there for 4 hours ... after a 2 week dryspell that meant a massage was definitely in order and maybe some muscle relaxers. i love that a massage only costs $6 an hour (with home delivery).

today i had 2 super awesome surprises for me. one involves a possible visit from top ranking photographer david jay who i've mentioned before. i don't want to spill all the beans just yet on this coz i want to get some details from him first. lemme just say.... i'm every word to the infinity power past excited about this giant tidbit. and then right after that.. i won "fast track photographer" an awesome book by photographer dane sanders!

now let me tell you about me and winning. i NEVER win! i've banked a few hours playing online casino with play money and i lose. then here i am just strolling along down blog center boardwalk leaving some blog love along the way and accidentally stumble on an awesome prize. lisa gisczinsky was doing a give away on her blog and she pulled my name out of a hat as the lucky winner! i should put everything down right now and buy a lottery ticket right? someone use my birthday and buy one for me please. hurry quick!

phew! all that and it's only tuesday! woo wee!

well... i thought i'd share some of my lucky streak with you guys. it turns out i actually have that book already and it's a really good book i might add. so i'm hitting lisa up to see if we can come up with another raffle so we can give that book to another deserving individual. i'll clue you guys in as soon as i get a hold of her.

also, i wanted to let you guys know that i got an email from DROBO who just did a price drop for their hardware. some of you know that i battled with losing data on my hard drive earlier this year and cried over it. luckily there wasn't too much info on that external hard drive. i did a lot of homework on raid services and mirroring and hard drives and memory and on and on and on. frankly it was a lot of greek to me. don't roll your eyes. i know i'm a nerd and shouldn't have had any trouble with that stuff. sean (my old boss) reminded me constantly that i'm a geek. i embrace the geek in me trust me. i'm totally out of the closet. i just didn't have the patience or the time to really understand what i had to do for solid hard drive backups. besides.. i'm software girl not hardware girl. and karl, don't say i have curtis. i've been putting that boy to work on my website so i can't bug him too much. anyway, i was doing cartwheels when i found out about DROBO. it's a little machine that does all that mirroring mumbo-jumbo all by itself and i don't even need to blink or think. i just feed it a hard drive or 4 and with it's simple to understand stop light colors i know if it's happy or not. it was a bit of a penny but worth every one of them. i sleep soundly knowing my DROBO is happy. i even dragged it with me all the way out here. so anyway, for those of you whose life depends on the security of your hard drives... run over to their site coz they just dropped the prices.

and that's it for now... till next time.... this is michelle signing out from the island of happiness..


  1. Beautiful shot! where was this taken!? Also congratulations on winning something! I never win too! Please rub some of your luck on me.. :-D

  2. hey joan! i'll gladly share my winning streak! hold while i stick my belly out... rub the buddha's belly for good luck :D the shot was taken on our "back yard" hehehe. out here in san juan, la union -- philippines. i think you are filipino too yes?

  3. Congrads, you lucky gal!
    Love the photo of you at the end. I want skies like that in Cincinnati!

    I wanna live in the Philippines!

  4. Stoked on your providence! Bless you!!

  5. Yay girlie! I need some luck out here. Send some! So excited about all that's happening for you!

  6. I SOOOOOOOO WANT TO BE ON YOUR ISLAND!!! I know the invitation is open...it's called life and a family. One day we'll come check out your little island of happiness.

  7. Congrats and Yes you have Curtis. Make him do you super geek stuff so you can be free with the artsy stuff.