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Thursday, November 6, 2008

our secret garden

so here it is... our stay in la union is winding down. we're outta here on the 25th (or the 26th). we're not sure yet where the next stay will be. some ideas being thrown around are a trip out to indo or thailand for a few weeks before the xmas holidays. we wanted to go to australia since it's closer from here and since i've got family there but the prices are OUTRAGEOUS! so we nixxed that thought.

it's still kinda surreal to me that we've gone on this adventure.... or shall i say life break. we've gotten very comfortable with relaxation. luckily curtis and i aren't sick of each other yet. the swell has been missing the last few weeks so curtis hasn't been surfing and i haven't learned how to surf yet. in its absence we've been playing treasure hunt in tide pools around here. the tide has been very low and all kinds of fun things are exposed on the beach.

i know some of you are thinking .. how can they do this? or i wish i could do that too. or if only we can afford that ... or well.. if we didn't have kids. i know i know i know. but i was on that side of the fence too. heck, i thought the same thing up until 2 days after we got on the plane. i thought we were crazy! but it's the best decision we've made. i'm so glad. and thanks to everyone for supporting us through this. it wasn't an easy decision but i'm telling you, anyone can make this shift. it's about managing priorities more than anything. there are some amazing stories out there of people who have done the same with a lot less.

anyway, i promised to share some pictures of our little hideaway, our secret garden... the garden plage. (landscapes are not really my thing photographically, these pictures don't do the place nearly as much justice as it deserves). thank you so much to tita marilyn, tito nap, lola and the wonderful staff for taking care of us like family. if ever you need a place to stay out here in san juan la union... call tita marilyn 0927.607.5943 they also rent out the place for special occassions such as wedding receptions and parties.


  1. I was just thinking about you this morning! I was wondering how you could do this. One day I WILL do what you are doing! Your photography and your lifestyle inspires me! Thank-you!!

  2. What a beautiful place. When do you come home???

  3. we'll be home in april -- just in time for taxes (groan)

  4. Gosh, thank you for making me so jealous AND capturing the place so well. You have some crazy talent. :)

  5. katie i wish you guys could come out. i know ryan just started his job n all but you guys would love it here.

  6. wow---I now have a slight crush on the way you write, live and explore life. I have so many things to do today but I cannot peel myself away from reading your blog :)
    By the way I love the haircut!! You are gorgeous!