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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

mish mosh

i was a productive girl these last few days....
  • i had curtis pull the winner for the dane sanders book.  {queue price is right music} congratulations katie jo!!  i know you really wanted the book too so i'm extra excited that lisa and i can share this with you.  thanks everybody for participating and stopping by.  
  • i also finished editing the photos from the stolk family session.  here's the slideshow of some selected shots.  enjoy!
p.s.  for those of you with slower connections (like me :( groan) .. just be patient.  it'll come up.  it's worth it i swear.


  1. Such a beautiful and FUN! family!! =) Great pictures; I can't decide on an ultimate favorite one... maybe the backside one =) or def the one were all their heads are together and even the baby is looking at the camera! Such a chubby bundle of cuteness!

  2. I don't win things...EVER!!!! So I am stoked I won the raffle for the book! Now I am hoping my lucky streak will continue and I can win one of those Mammoth Men Shootsacs....thanks again!