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Monday, November 3, 2008

we're not in kansas anymore

we've been in la union a few weeks now and we've made enough dents on the sand to make it feel like home. we've been hanging out with the neighbors getting to know the place, the people and the available activities. the swell hasn't been giving us good surf these last few days so curtis was on a hunt for a bball game. it turns out that the boys from the surf resorts around here have a fairly regular game setup at about 4 .. just in time for that heat to cool off.

but before they get down for some fun the boys pick up a rake and clean up the beach. the surfers and the locals around here are part of an organization called green zinc. it's a non-profit organization that is dedicated to keeping the beaches of the philippines clean. it really is so kool to watch a seed grow when the ideas are good ones like these.

with the chores of the day done.. it's off to the playground for some bball!

now, the first time curtis went out for a game i opted to stay home. let the boys bond while i catch up on my blogging. curtis came back with a reserved happiness that day. he was glad to finally expel some energy on a court but disappointed that he lost his first game. he sheepishly admitted that his team got whooped.... even with the "import" and the only guy with shoes on their side! this i had to see for myself. i came along for the next game, camera in hand ready to take notes for this blog. these guys play ball in flip flops! and they play well!

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  1. Cool pictures! I really like the one before the last.