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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

mila | curtis discoveries

so this weekend we were up in salinas helping my cousin move into their new house. it's absolutely gorgeous up there! i love the ambiance and historic feeling in that lil town.

after breakfast on sunday curtis and i took the kids for a quick stroll around the farmer's market. chloe, 3 year old adorableness, got hit with a little food coma and insisted that curtis carry her for the stroll. content with her head on his chest she suddenly perked up. she rubs curtis' chest, looks up at him and matter-of-factly says "you don't have milk". curtis, perplexed, cautiously responds with "no i don't". chloe comes back with ..."my mama has milk". That conversation settled, she nestles herself back into his arms. the curtis giggles ensue.

all the way home we kept going over curtis' major discovery for the weekend. he doesn't have milk! wow! who knew!?!

here's a sneak peak of a maternity shoot i did with my neighbor judy today. she'll be expecting a lil one of her own soon. can't wait to meet madison!


  1. LOL, no milk? Imagine that :)
    Love the perspective on these, btw!

  2. wow, we learn something new everyday!