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Thursday, July 16, 2009

mila | stray thoughts . overcoming limits

just 2 months ago i was freaking out about going to these mixers to go meet industry peers. networking is just a necessary part of running a business and it's so outside of my comfort zone. now i'm shin deep into it!

yesterday hanssie, matt and rob hosted another photog shootout get together. what an awesome day! 50 photographers gathering to learn, exchange, eat, socialize and shoot. they invited jasmine star and her hubby jd to talk about how she made it in the industry. if you haven't heard her story you should! inspiration! anna and michael costa spoke of sales and marketing -- super duper helpful! their tips are getting added to my arsenal of tools ASAP.

the group was split and there were 5 leaders on hand to teach various things about photography. and guess what??? i lead a group! whoa! well... that's hanssie pulling the friend card. haha! i had fun! and i learned a lot and met a lot of people and ate a lot! oh... we had din din at a restaurant called sarducci's down in san juan capistrano. right next to the tracks and a great place to get some photos. the food was yummmmm! thanks shoot dot edit for buying dinner!

we had some great models (crystal was back! rachel amara is a fav of our band and some new faces came to join) and some great help for the day. remember kacee who did the makeup for crystal at the last bridal shoot? she rocked again! and then we worked with angelina of all made up who was the bestest best for coming in to help at the very very last minute! i swear to all that is green that if you are ever in a bind for some mad beauty awesomeness... anyone on the all made up team or our dearest kacee are the most reliable people EVER.

i didn't get many pictures unfortunately. too busy gabbing and trying to get out of people's shots... but here's a few of the day.

this last shot is courtesy of my friend chris diset. dot man is shoot dot edit's lil guy. where in the world is he? on my ass. lol!


  1. great shots!!!! wow!!! i'm missing out a lot!! so glad you got to meet jasmine! she's really awesome!! oh.. and have you always had a canon? or is that a new camera?

  2. LOVE it girl! Thanks for teaching ;)

  3. Hey Michelle! Love that closeup of Brett. I had fun in your group. Hope to shoot with you again soon! :)

  4. Oh how I wish I could have been there! Loving you new logo too!

  5. LOVE um girl!!! And that action shot of us shooting is awesome!!! :)