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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

mila | stray thoughts . surreal life

anyone go to the oc smugmug last night?  did you walk away with so much inspiration and 3 new friends?  last night was my second smug to attend and i'm so pumped with inspiration every time i go!  jessica claire and her collection of photos to share made laugh, wince, and nod at all the knowledge she was sharing.  jasmine of course was her usual awesome self.  jeff jochum was ultra welcoming and inspiring.  and the vibe you get from all the attendants is like a wave of energy.  put it in my pocket coz i love it so much.

so here's something you may not know.  jasmine put my name in as co-leader for the oc smugmug.  you're like... whaaat?!  yeah... so am i.  i'm not really sure how that happened.  well... that's not true.  i kinda do.  i was on a hunt for a venue for our large group -- just trying to help jas out.  i didn't realize how challenging it was going to be to find a home for our "little" group.  jasmine kicked ass though and got us in the mesa verde country club.  it was the perfect location to have a 200+ gathering of photographers with lotsa room to mingle and share the love.  so anyway, i'm here to help jasmine coordinate the smugmug gatherings.  not sure how much help i can be coz jas really is on top of it and super organized.  but i'm just so thrilled at the opportunity!

as i say this i'm thinkin... this is so surreal.  seriously.  i'm just michelle.  seriously.  as in same girl from a week ago.  but last night after the smugmug meeting, jeff jochum and candice cunningham were so nice and welcoming and extended an invitation to dinner.  ok... jasmine and jd were there.  becker was there.  jessica was there.  i had to make sure that my deodorant was there too and wouldn't give away just how nervous i was.  i held it together and after the first few minutes i was fine.  again... sooo surreal.  and now i look back at yesterday, last night, and all the interaction i've been having with these amazing inspiring people.  i'm richer for it... but i'm still michelle... floating in a surreal life.  someone pinch me and check my temperature.

ok... so this picture is soooo old.  as in... circa 2007-long-hair old... just reminding myself that i didn't get transported to another life and that i'm still michelle from a week ago just richer in experience ... and with shorter hair ;)


  1. That is all SOOO awesome! I am SO stoked for you!
    Can I come to dinner next time? ;)

  2. haha lol Michelle! you are awesome!!

  3. awww too cute! I'm happy for ya! I'd be super nervous too!!!

  4. Aw I missed out on Smug last night. I wanted to go but was too tired to drive out. I'm super thrilled for you, girl!

  5. Aww what an honor, you deserve it! Look forward to the next one!

  6. Niiice! I can say I've met the girl who sat with j*,jd,jessica claire, and the becker! Keep the networking alive...