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Thursday, July 23, 2009

mila | portraits . baby belly love

boy... am i active blogger this week or what???  

my neighbor judy came over for a baby bump session.  she's ridiculously photogenic and so's her lil madison -- currently in the bump but due to come out of her belly in less than a month!!!  we gave you a sneak preview earlier this week.  here's more from that session.

i love how some of these came out feeling totally calvin kleinish.  so relaxed and so airy.  sigh.  doesn't she look great?!


  1. The 1st and 5th ones are my favorites. I love your work so much Michelle. You are doing so great and so inspirational to me. Rock on girlfriend!

  2. She is just stunning. Beautiful Mommy To Be for sure. These are all so wonderful Michelle! It is so amazing to watch you grow, and become one seriously kick a@@ photog!

  3. Love that first one! Too bad we didn't know each other when I was PG with Mac...your only chance!

  4. I like this series...they 'touch' you... =] - Chris Perez