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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

mila | stray thoughts . just coz

because we like to shoot for fun.  because we like to hang out with friends.  because we like to meet new people.  because we enjoy each other's company.  we get together occassionally cameras, kids, bikes and all.  we stroll thru fun places like venice beach.  we people watch.  we click.  we pick out t-shirts.  we have filling appetizers, chat over dinner and sigh about great days in the sun.

another awesome get together with [b]schoolers.  thanks joe photo for being super organizer!

because hanssie didn't know what to do with our new friend steve..

because mackenzie is amazingly talented!

because becker LOVES fun tees

because i LOVE pop surrealism and wall art

because this is so me (blue eyes ... sometimes and flowers in my hair)

because i know how to ride a bicycle now too!


  1. I stole that pic of me for my FB profile!

  2. Cool set! I wish I could go to a lot more of these shootouts.

  3. Fun shots, Michelle! I especially love the spray can shot. Nice depth of field, and the colorful background is apropos for the shot. And you captured Mackenzie's fun & vibrant personality so well. Love them! Looking forward to our next outing. :)