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Saturday, January 30, 2010

mila | baby news

i have not had any cravings... odd or otherwise.  curtis has not had to rush out in the middle of the night to pick up food.  as far as the food stuffs goes, other than the miserable nausea of the first trimester, it has been uneventful.  and then we had last week.

there are some foods that i know i get hooked on that i make a conscious decision not to buy and bring home.  snyder's pretzels is one of them.  those bags of yumminess are EVIL.  curtis, bad boy, snuck a bag of mustard flavored heaven into the grocery cart without my knowledge.  last week he busts it out as we're on the couch watching season 2 of dexter.  one whiff of that stuff and my fingers were clawing for the bag.  3 bites later and the sickness sinks deeper.  not only am i hooked on this stuff like it's crack ... now i'm wanting a coke too!  (um, no pun intended).  i'm desperate.  i tell curtis that i MUST have a coke ... NOW!!!  he's looking at me like i'm joking.  he doesn't believe me.  i'm close to hysterical.  i argue that i haven't had cravings, i haven't asked him to run out for anything.  i've been a good preggy!  all i want is a coke!  i know ... no caffeine.  i've been good this whole time!  but i NEEDED it!  he's still looking at me like i'm kidding.  i take matters into my own hands.  fine... i'm going to jack-in-the-box (one block away).  i asked him if he wanted anything.  now he knows i'm serious.  now he offers to do the run.  and now something else occurs to me... while i'm there i can get bacon cheddar wedges too!  muwahahhahah!  so i decline his offer to go (coz i cringingly didn't want to tell him what else i wanted)  he has a knowing grin.  he KNOWS!  he says he's gonna go and i run to get the keys and decline the help as i run out the door.

it's pouring rain out.  i'm still in my jammies but who cares... i'm just doing drive thru anyway.  it's a quick trip to the jack and before i know it i'm home again.  cozy on the couch, dexter is back on the screen and i survived curtis' tease about the bacon.  fork in hand, smile on face, i'm content.  i take a sip of my coveted soda ... and just about spit.  EFFFFFF!!!!!!  WTF!!!!  more cuss words spew out.  dag nabbit!  they gave me rootbeer!  AAGGGGHHHH!!!!

i'll tell you.  that story is funny now but right at that moment i was LIVID.  

here's the latest picture of my baby girl.  flippin the ultrasound tech off.  that's what she gets for poking her into awakeness.  yep... definitely my daughter.  hahah!  oh and the due date has been confirmed.  we're running on schedule and expecting her to show up on march 11th.  nevermind that my ob thinks i'm tiny.  apparently this baby is the right size in there.

naughty girl covering her smile.


  1. Girl this post cracked me up! Your sweet little one is going to be a hoot! I can't wait to meet her! P.S. excited to hang out on tuesday!

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  3. I love it Michelle! Its funny because the one thing I have been craving is rootbeer floats! lol.

    PS. LOVE the ultra sound pictures