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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

mila | portrait photographer . studio sessions

i actually really enjoy doing studio work.  it's a controlled environment, the lights are easy to manipulate and i don't have to run around as much.  at this stage of the pregnancy all that is major awesomeness.  

becka adams, a model i had worked with before, had posted on facebook that she was itching to shoot again.  i had been toying with a one light studio scenario that i've been wanting to experiment with (in black and white) and offered it up as a session concept.  kim bragalone, makeup artist amazingness wanted in on the whole thing too...apparently she needed black and white photos for her portfolio as well.  after that... magic just happened.  

check out the photos below.  i must say... i am IN LOVE with them!

oh.. for my photog friends.  here's a factoid for ya.

did you know that when shooting on black and white mode in your camera if you are shooting in RAW the photos are viewable as black and white on the LCD of your camera but are stored in color.  to keep that black and white data and upload it on your computer as black and white you must shoot in JPEG.  only JPEG mode will "cook" that information into the file.  

i personally prefer to do the black and white in post process however, when put in a really tight low light situation (like wedding receptions) i find that the black and white mode (in JPEG) on the camera sometimes does much better with low light.


  1. Girrrrl, these are seriously badass! Beautiful work!

  2. wow girl, I am impressed, I am not a big fan of studio because I have not gotten the hands down on lighting yet~ I love these and last one is my favorite

  3. OMG! I LOVE these, esp all the b&w ones and ESP the last one! Jealous!

  4. those last three are WOW!! Talk about ferocious and INTENSE! What an awesome collaboration! =)

  5. michelle! gorgeous! i'm so overwhelmed by studio lighting and then get super motivated and inspired by you. :) my fave is the 3rd to last one (b&w). :)

  6. Wow...these look straight out of a couture magazine! Gorgeous lighting, model, and of course, photography.

  7. WOW! Michelle this are SERIOUSLY AMAZING! I have been so behind on blogging, and I am just astonished by your progress. Watch out celebrity photographers, here comes Michelle (+1). ;)

  8. Are you freaking serious? I LOVE THESE! SOOO Cool such beautiful work Michelle. Kim's makeup rocked on Becka

  9. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love these photos!! MICHELLE: TEACH ME HOW!!! :)