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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

mila | geek speak . equipment labeling

maybe it's coz i'm nesting.  maybe it's coz i found an awesome deal on the new label machine i just had to buy.  putting it to use justifies the less than $20 purchase and makes me feel good.  whatever it is ... here's some best practices for my photog friends....even the ones without label machines.
  1. label your equipment.  i mean everything.  your lenses, lens caps, batteries, cards, etc.  look around you.. you and your friends have the same stuff.  picking someone else's stuff (by accident) isn't unheard of.  actually getting things stolen isn't unheard of either so after you label all your stuff get it insured.  i got my p-touch label maker from buy.com.
  2. insurance ... you've spent big dollah on all that stuff you've acquired.  everything from the laptop and hard drive you work on to the camera n lenses to the memory cards.  insure it!  i pay about $500 / yr to insure everything and that includes liability, international travel, equipment replacement for damage or loss.  do it and sleep better at night and travel with ease.  i have my insurance through TCP & Co.
  3. memory cards
    1. keep them in a multi pack, waterproof container.  the way i store my cards mean something.  face up and they are available for use, face down and i just used them and they need to be uploaded.
    2. number them.  this allows you to rotate use so you aren't always using 1 or 2 cards out of a pack of four.
    3. mark the dates for your memory cards.  this one is a tip from my friend matt saville -- techie geek n camera master.  although cards don't have an expiration date it is good practice to retire them every couple of years.  so label them with the month n date of purchase.

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    1. Which company do you have insurance with? :)

    2. You are such a geek, and that's just one of the reasons I adore you! :) Where did you get your labeler?! I've been thinking of getting a vintage one from etsy, but yours works best for labeling equipment! :) Loved lunching with you yesterday!

    3. Hi Michelle: What insurance do you use for your equipment? I've been looking for a good company... thank you!

    4. Michelle, Thanks for the great info. I went ahead and contacted TCP and got my insurance through them :)