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Sunday, January 17, 2010

mila | MY baby bump week 32

only 8 weeks left or so we think....

went to see the doc last week and her comment was ... where are you keeping this baby?!  i'm like waddya mean?  there's a giant bump right there!  apparently the fact that i can see the tips of my toes at this point makes her think that i'm running small.  we've got an ultra sound scheduled in a week to confirm delivery date.  mm hmm... i knew their initial calculation was a little wonky.  

one day we were laying in bed and curtis cups his face to my belly.  i'm totally relaxed thinking aww this is sweet... he's gonna whisper to her.  ummm no.  he sent a sonic boom into my belly!  he wanted to see if he could startle her into kicking him.  geez.  our daughter is gonna come out deaf before she's even born. 

speaking of kicking.  at this stage one is required to do kick counts.  so at the same time every day i have to see how long it takes her to produce 10 kicks (or movements).  the chart says a minimum of 10 mins is good and can take up to 2 hours.  my child is definitely my child.  she's so regimented.  at 10 till 8 everyday (as in no kidding... like clockwork), she begins to fuss.  i can feel her moving.  our 10 kick count is completed within 2-3 minutes.  i love that!  i may just be able to plan my life around this kid after all!  nobody say anything to burst my bubble please.  

one last random thought and i'm done on this entry.  my girlfriend jenny kim announced her pregnancy after curtis and i arrived back in the country last may.  jenny and her hubby steve had decided it was time and got to work immediately.  as we squealed in delight she interrupts our elation with another statement... "i want one of you to get pregnant too so we can do this together".  pffft!!!  i instantly declared that that was so not a good reason to get preggo.. puhleeze!  two weeks later curtis and i found out we were pregnant.  oh $h1t.  naturally, when i called jenny to let her know the news she was off the wall happy.  at the time i was just in shock.  she was carrying the excitement for both of us.  that's all changed since then.  and jenny who was due to have lil dylan on january 21 has already given birth to a healthy 8 lb boy.  

i can't believe how much life has changed for her.  it's surreal to me.  and even more so is that i'm right on the heels of it coz in 8 weeks (maybe) we'll be bringing home our own lil bundle of joy.  i think i know what i'm in for but really... i don't.  it's scary and exciting all at once.  ah but we will survive... stay tuned.


  1. Aww Michelle, such a fun stage of life for you and Curtis. I couldn't be more excited for you! She's gonna be a heartbreaker!

  2. Almost 10 years into raising Natalia and I get the feeling that the scary and exciting feelings won't ever go away LOL.

    It's such an amazing journey. Not just in seeing her stumbles and triumphs, but in what I've learned about myself.

    We're coming up on the time of the school year where I become a scientist HAHAHA.

  3. how you make pregnancy earthy and sensual is amazing. love it.