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Monday, May 10, 2010

mila | graduates . tia

my lil bean keeps growing!  every morning when we i get up for the a.m. feed i wonder... who the hell is this?!   i swear someone steals her every night and puts a new kid in her place.. one that's bigger than the kid i put to bed.      after we lock eyes i'm reassured that this bigger lil thing in my arms is still my lil kaya.  she's 8 weeks old now.  gawd 2 months goes by so quickly!  pretty soon she'll be 12!!!!  just like the girls i took pictures of last weekend.  tia and her band of girlfriends are graduating from elementary school.  their moms shake their heads wondering where the time went.  that's soooo gonna be me 12 years from now.

the girls and i stormed the beach.  powowing about different school subjects, favorite TV shows and posing till the day turned chilly.  ah the energy of youth!

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